Model United Nations


Crisis in the Castle

Welcome to 十大最大的网络彩票平台 Preparatory School’s first-ever Model UN event: Crisis in the Castle! Join us on Saturday, May 11 from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m.

With an added twist to your traditional crisis committee, Crisis in the Castle offers a unique MUN experience. Our team has created interactive scenarios that will surely have you on the edge of your seat. Registration is filling up fast so please sign up before it’s too late! A background guide for this committee can be found by clicking here. 

Schedules and assignments will be released to delegates after registration is completed.

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Questions? Email us here! 

Committee Chair: Irene H. '24

Hi, I’m Irene, a senior at 十大最大的网络彩票平台 and President of the Model UN team! I joined Model UN during my freshman year and attended my first conference online. Despite the untraditional setting, it was still very interactive and I had so much fun. I’ve come to love the collaborative environment that MUN fostered and wanted to continue to grow confident in my communication and analytical abilities while making connections with new people. I will be your chair for Crisis in the Castle and hope you will enjoy and learn much from this experience! 

Committee Assistant Chair: Sloane W. '26 

Hi, delegates! My name is Sloane and I am a sophomore here at 十大最大的网络彩票平台 Preparatory School. I’m your Assistant Chair for Crisis in the Castle. I joined Model UN in freshman year and have loved it ever since. It’s given me wonderful opportunities to improve my confidence in public speaking, my skills in researching and composing papers, and connecting with other students. I’ll never miss the chance to attend a conference and look forward to being at the head of this one. I’m eager to see where you take this topic and how you handle the situations at hand.


Crisis Director: Amelia T. '25

Hello delegates! My name is Amelia and I’m a Junior here at 十大最大的网络彩票平台 Preparatory School. I have loved participating in MUN, and found that it has shown me many new skills and I didn’t know I had and really helped me come out of my box. I am so excited to be helping out with this committee and can’t wait to see what you all do!


Crisis Assistant Director: Maci R. '26 

Hi, delegates! I am Maci, a sophomore here at 十大最大的网络彩票平台 Preparatory School and I am your Assistant Crisis Director for Crisis in the Castle. I’ve been a part of Model UN since freshman year, and have been passionate about it ever since. This club has helped me improve my leadership, public speaking skills, and composition papers. Meeting new people has always been my favorite part of this club so I am so eager to meet all of you and assist you in the committee!